Entry #10

GTA: Sheffield

2012-02-04 12:23:25 by joe-kangaroo

Well it's been a long time coming but GTA: Sheffield is finally out.

James Porkin's life sucks. He works at a crummy little supermarket, he lives alone and his car hardly works. He dreams of a life with more excitement.

He probably didn't want a life full of guns, football hooligans, drugs and severed body parts. Oh well!

Join James as he struggles to be a crime lord's right hand man AND still stay on the right side of the law in this GTA style top-down driving RPG.

I just hope people like it. My last GTA style game, GTA Doncaster went down quite well, and this is far better, so I'm hoping for the best!


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2012-02-04 13:26:42

It's been so long. It's here. I thought you gave up a long time ago.


2012-11-11 11:52:19

"My last GTA style game," Does that mean you're done with GTA style games!? D: