GTA: Sheffield

2012-02-04 12:23:25 by joe-kangaroo

Well it's been a long time coming but GTA: Sheffield is finally out.

James Porkin's life sucks. He works at a crummy little supermarket, he lives alone and his car hardly works. He dreams of a life with more excitement.

He probably didn't want a life full of guns, football hooligans, drugs and severed body parts. Oh well!

Join James as he struggles to be a crime lord's right hand man AND still stay on the right side of the law in this GTA style top-down driving RPG.

I just hope people like it. My last GTA style game, GTA Doncaster went down quite well, and this is far better, so I'm hoping for the best!

Tortur-o-matic 3

2011-10-01 05:52:54 by joe-kangaroo

With work nearly complete on GTA:Sheffield, it seemed logical to close off the award winning* Tortur-o-matic series with the final part of the triolgy! For those who haven't played the award winning* original games, Tortur-o-matic and Tortur-o-matic 2: Labrynth can be found here on Newgrounds! They both won awards*.

The games are set in an over populated world, where criminals are fed into trap filled mazes to the delight of a paying crowd. The first award winning* game was all on one screen, and had about 25 traps. The second had 3 screens, won an award* and had about 70 traps. Number three should have nearly 100 upgradable traps. It also boasts health upgrades, zoom levels and an infinite health mode.

But thats it for now, I've only drawn the map really, it's not even got traps added yet, so don't expect too much. Apart from awards* when it's released next year! As always, check MY BLOG for up to date info on this and my other games!

* Daily 5th place for Tortur-o-matic, Daily 4th place for Tortu-o-matic 2: Labrynth.

Tortur-o-matic 3

GTA: Sheffield!

2011-09-03 13:21:31 by joe-kangaroo


Check out my blog for info on the characters of the upcoming GTA: SHEFFIELD, part 1 of the GTA:Yorkshire trilogy! I'll be posting info on a new character every week or so, so make sure to check back often! This week is the main bad guy of the whole trilogy, the shadowy figure known only as 'Dave'. Seen in the flesh by few people, for him to come out of hiding must mean something big is kicking off in Yorkshire! Click below for more info on him, and the other charcters detailed so far!

GTA: Sheffield!

Check out my blog for info on the characters of the upcoming GTA: SHEFFIELD, part 1 of the GTA:Yorkshire trilogy! I'll be posting info on a new character every week or so, so make sure to check back often!

GTA: SHEFFIELD Character Bio 1

GTA: Sheffield

2011-07-30 14:39:49 by joe-kangaroo

Hey there, a quick update on GTA: Sheffield, part one of the GTA: Yorkshire trilogy. I've just finished working on the last mission today! There's a lot of artwork to be done, but hopefully that shouldn't take me too long!

Features (so far):
- Story central gameplay
- Huge map
- Loads of minigames, QTEs and puzzles
- Heaps of collectables
- Fly planes and VTOL aircraft
- Drive buses, cop cars, street cleaners and VW golfs, each with unique handling etc.
- Operate flak cannons, howitzer artillery launchers

There's loads more, and it should be pretty, pretty, pretty good. Keep your eyes peeled!

GTA: Sheffield!

2010-03-01 06:23:20 by joe-kangaroo

Hey. Check out my blog for the latest info on GTA: Sheffield, a GTA style top down driving game! Full engaging storyline, street races, taxi missions, deliverys and more! All set in the classic English city of Sheffield! Join in football (soccer) gang-wars, work undercover for the cops and even take down foes with an AC-130 Spectre Gunship! Don't miss it, it'll (probably) be awesome!

Updated regularly with screenshots, mission info and more! Check it out!


Time Time Two!

2009-12-07 16:21:23 by joe-kangaroo

It's been a long time coming and the reviews aren't great, but head on down to
and check out the sequel to Time Time: Rewound!

Hope you guys like it, a lot of effort went into it, and I just hope it pays off!

Tortur-o-matic TM

2009-05-09 06:08:39 by joe-kangaroo

Thanks to everyone who voted for my submission; Tortur-o-matic TM, helping me get my first award! Anyone who hasn't checked it out, be sure to do so, you might be surprised!

New "game"

2009-05-08 13:31:08 by joe-kangaroo

Check out the latest offering from JoeProductions, The Interactive Torture Machine! Basically a multiple option path around a pain-filled maze! Be sure to take a look and leave a comment!

Time Time Two

2007-07-26 11:02:00 by joe-kangaroo

Not that many people played Time Time: Rewound, but those who did said a sequel would be a good idea, so guess what? Coming soon, as in probably September, Time Time Two will be realeased. Featuring a newly improved code to stop the character glitching about the place and more lavishly detailed than the original, it's probably gonna be quite good!

Time Time Two